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Lactic acid bacteria

The harmony of intestinal microflora may be disrupted by many factors. Most common of these are stress, antibiotic treatment, chronic constipation, ingestion of contaminated food, unsuitable eating habits, irradiation, and weather and climatic change /travel/. To restore intestinal balance bacteria must be provided that are favourable for the body that exhibit anti-infection effects, stimulate immunity, reduce the risk of developing allergy, and impact positively on the course of inflammations. Use of probiotics is suitable in all age categories. The advantage of probiotic cultures are practically their zero side or undesirable effects, even when the recommended dose is accidentally exceeded.


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Where bacteria are of help

........In my veterinary practice I use probiotic preparations for three patient groups. The first group are animals suffering from diarrhoea caused by dietetic errors (food poisoning) such as sudden change of fodder, supplementary feeding with various fodder supplements, lactose intolerance. The second group includes patients on long-term medication because of chronic infections. The third group I have found to be helped greatly with probiotics are animals after gastrointestinal tract surgery (e.g. gastrotomy, enterotomy, or states after large intestine constipation caused by skeletal/bony coprolites)...


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